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Meade Frozen Chips 1.5kg


Meade Frozen Chips 1.5kg

Our Meade Irish Rooster Chips, 1.5kg size bag, is the ideal solution for feeding a hungry group.  Whether you have to get dinner on the table quickly for a hungry family, or you are throwing an impromptu BBQ for friends, our chips will deliver a tasty accompaniment to any dish.    


Made exclusively from Irish Rooster potatoes, sunflower oil, and free from all additives or preservatives, you can serve up our chips knowing that they are the healthiest of chips available.  If you are following a gluten free diet, work away, as Meade Irish Rooster Chips are NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE.


Our chips cater for every cook - they can be prepared 4 ways: bake, fry, airfry, grill. Meade Irish Rooster Chips make a great accompaniment to any meal


Meade Irish Rooster Chips - easy, convenient and filled with gluten-free goodness!