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Quality Assurance

Our mission is to bring consumers the most succulent fruit, the tastiest vegetables and the most flavourful potatoes possible, retaining as much freshness and taste from the day they were picked. This means the journey from farm to plate needs to be as efficient and well-managed as possible.  


We begin by using only certified, high quality seed to plant our crops.  We monitor them closely; the effort put into crops in the ground dictates the quality of the product when it arrives on the supermarket shelf.  Our Farm Manager Conor O’Malley and his team of growers visit crops daily, staying abreast of all technological developments and keeping up-to-date crop records.  Traceability is of paramount importance in our supply chain management.  We harvest all our produce with the utmost care so that when it arrives in the packhouse, it is in optimum condition for its journey to the consumer.


Mark M. and Mark R.checking the turnip crops under the nettingRoy and Dave inspect the brussel sprouts before harvesting


Once the produce leaves the field, it arrives in the capable hands of our Quality Assurance and Production Teams at the Meade farm and food production facility.  They are there to meet the produce as it arrives and to ensure it meets all the specifications for our consumers in terms of size, taste and freshness.  The teams monitor the produce throughout its entire stay in the packhouse, keeping it at the optimum temperature, performing tests to ensure that it is in the best possible condition before it makes its way via our retailers to your lunch boxes, dinner plates and fruit bowls.

Adam measures the sugar content of the orangesEmma tests the firmness of the grapesWe pride ourselves in providing produce that comes out of the lunch box crisp and delicious!