An Irish Family Business Since 1982

Potatoes, Fruit, Vegetables, Salads & Organics


Quality Assurance Team

Emma, Nicole, Louise and the entire team spend as much time on the factory floor as they do in the QA office, constantly out on the production floor and in the fields checking every batch of our produce to ensure that it is premium quality from farm to fork.  They measure temperatures, check sugar levels, inspect for blemishes and double check all the crop records for our potatoes, fruit and vegetables so that they can rest assured that our peppers are zesty, our mangoes are refreshing and our lettuce is crisp.  They enjoy crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s when it comes to paperwork, which is another reason why they do such a great job.


Quality Production Team

Supporting our QA team in delivering premium quality produce is the Production team.  They receive extensive training in their various production lines, not only on the packing procedures but on the quality specifications.  With our retailer specifications in mind, they are an important part of the QA regime, grading and packing the produce to ensure that every delivery makes the grade.

 The care our QA team puts into the produce in the field and the packhouse determines the freshness and quality when it is brought home by the consumer