An Irish Family Business Since 1982

Potatoes, Fruit, Vegetables, Salads & Organics


Meade Potato Company Today

From Farm to Fork

The Meade farm and food production facility bears little resemblance to their original family farm.  It has grown from a single packing store to include 150,000 sq. feet of packing facilities housing numerous state of the art production lines, with over 500,000sq. ft of loading and distribution space, all of which serve to make the journey from farm to fork as efficient as possible.  


The Irish agri-food industry has earned a great reputation as an anchor of the Irish economy and an important player in the development of our export markets.  Meade Potato Company is proud to be a part of an industry that has evolved so efficiently and employed so many, and most importantly, has served the Irish consumer so well with healthy, affordable food. 

Meade Potato Company Aerial View


The Next Generation

The next generation of Meades now lead a team of over 240 people.  With over 100 lines of premium quality produce on offer, they have grown their operations by being dedicated to quality, and embracing sustainability and innovation.


The Next Generation of  the Meade Family, patrick, eleanor and philip jr.



Growing and Growing

 In 2010 the traffic generated by Meade Potato Company on the roads in Lobinstown became so great that the company funded its own road.A purpose built state of the art office space and new Fruit and Vegetable Division production area was built in 2012.

In 2013 a wind turbine was installed as one of many measures to increase our sustainability