An Irish Family Business Since 1982

Potatoes, Fruit, Vegetables, Salads & Organics



A Passion for Potatoes


Philip Meade Sr. first began selling potatoes in the towns around Meath and Louth in 1977.  Bringing delicious and nutritious potatoes to the people of the Northeast was a true calling for him, and Meade Potato Company was incorporated in 1982.

Philip Meade Sr. with an enthusiastic helperOne of our original delivery lorries.

Their passion for potatoes soon extended to Irish vegetables, and later, to Irish and other fruit.  What started out as a love affair with the Irish spud soon transformed into a mission to bring all types of tasty, wholesome and healthy produce into the Irish kitchen.  From their family farm in Lobinstown, County Meath, Meade Potato Company have now been growing, packing and distributing premium quality potatoes, fruit, vegetables, salads and organics over the past five decades.  



Making History

Meade Potato Company are proud to be leading the way when it comes to creating new markets for our fresh produce.  We were the first company to export Irish potatoes abroad by the boatload, and have since initiated shipments abroad of Irish product whenever export market conditions were suitable.  Innovation is a core value of the company; we seek new products and services to cater for the changing tastes and requirements of our customers and consumers.  Our new Prep Less, Live More peeled range is one such line, filling a need for healthy, convenient food for consumers on the go.  This range is available to retailers, foodservice and catering sectors.

   Meade Potato Company sends off the first ever boatload of Irish potatoes exported to Northern Europe.Sean Gallagher joins the next generation of Meades on the factory floor for his profile of them in the Sunday Independent.

 Our peeled potato ranges offers foodservice clients and consumers a convenient solution for healthy meals on the go.