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Our Sustainability

Meade Potato Company believes in sustainability not only because it’s the right thing to do for the environment and future generations, but because it’s the right thing to do for any growing business that values forward-thinking and efficiency. 

While the term sustainability has many definitions and interpretations, it is essentially about looking at how one can most responsibly act as a steward of the resources one uses and manages.  While we have always been environmentally responsible since our founding, Meade Potato Company has joined Bord Bia's Origin Green Programme to formally commit to a sustainability plan. Our sustainability action plan involves setting realistic, proactive policies that will increase our efficiency and best position our company to look forward to a healthy future - environmentally, economically and socially.  The fundamentals of our sustainability plan revolve around:

  • Using local resources where possible to reduce carbon footprint - in produce and all inputs.
  • Employing sound agricultural practice on our own farmland and that of our suppliers to keep crop interventions at a minimum.
  • Reducing our waste by managing the food chain as efficiently as possible, and promoting waste prevention awareness among our customers and consumers.
  • Reducing our energy usage through renewable energy with our wind turbine, smart recycling of energy (heat exchangers on factory floor heat all our water) and energy-efficient design (extensive skylights in new buildings reduce consumption).
  • Recycling materials as extensively as possible – all materials from the warehouse that can be recycled are – cardboard, plastic, and produce (surplus produce is given to community foodbanks or is used by either our own and other local farms).  We aim to work with our customers to use packaging that is reuseable, recyclable or compostable wherever possible.
  • Managing water efficiently – rainwater harvesting in place throughout plant for use in production line and on farm; waste water is recycled and used on our farm while waste solids from washing produce are spread as fertiliser on the farm.
  • Encouraging our suppliers to engage with us in making their own sustainability action plans.
  • Working with bodies such as Bord Bia, GlobalG.A.P., and BRC to ensure that we are open to as many positive influences on our sustainability and accountability as possible.
  • Supporting our staff and our community by sponsorship of events and activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and foster personal development.
  • Endeavouring to educate others about sustainability issues such as food waste through special projects, events, social media and other outlets.


Minister Bruton launches our Origin Green sustainability programmeOur new 2 kg White Potato bag features cutting edge materials that make it 100% compostable and a great alternative to the previous plastic bag. Philip Meade Jr. and Ella McSweeney of Ear to the Ground dig potatoes during a special on our work with the community foodbank Crosscare


Meade Potato Co. were nominated for an Environmental Responsibility Award at the Meath Business Awards Sponsorship of sporting organisations such as Syddan GFC promotes healthy lifestyles

MPC was a major sponsor of the Feed the 5K Dublin event in November 2013 which successfully fed 5000 people in Dublin on wonky veg and surplus food stuffs.  

Duncan Stewart and our Farm Manager Conor O'Malley at the Dublin Feed the 5000 event