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BYE BYE PLASTIC: Cutting Edge 100% Compostable Bag for our New 2 Kg White Potatoes

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We are trialling an innovative replacement for plastic packaging with our retailer Lidl.  The new Meade 2kg White Potato bag aims to eliminate the plastic bag that is commonly used for packing potatoes.  Sustainably-sourced starch-coated paper is partnered with water-based ink and corn-starch-based netting to produce a 100% compostable bag.


For retailers, this technology will make the goal of reducing plastic that much more achievable.  For growers and packers such as Meade, this use of cutting-edge technology represents progress for improving fruit and vegetable category packaging.


“We are always trying to be as sustainable as possible, but we need technology that is safe, efficient and affordable.  This bag represents a breakthrough in our industry in terms of protecting the product and harnessing existing packing processes with innovative new materials,” remarks Philip Meade Jr., Commercial Director, Meade Potato Company.


Consumers are asked to dispose of the new compostable bag in their brown bin.  The bags are intended for industrial composting which creates compost for use by Ireland's gardeners and farmers.


The paper is FSC Certified from sustainable forests and the bag has been trialled and approved for compost certification.  The water-based ink is also certified, meaning that all materials used in the making of the bag are environmentally friendly.


Posted on Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  By Jeni-Meade