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All our hard work to be as environmentally responsible as possible has been recognised as Meade Potato Company have recently become finalists for the Sustainability Award in the Bord Bia - Irish Food Board Food and Drink Awards. The Bord Bia Food and Drink Awards take place on Thursday 12th November, and we are honoured to have been chosen as finalists from a very competitive group of entries, along with AIBP, Dawn Meats, Glanbia, Island seafoods and Boortmalt.  


Meade Potato Company has always known the importance of managing our resources effectively in order to get the most out of our land.  But in addition to this inbuilt agricultural appreciation of sustainability, Meade Potato Company has always been sustainable because it is usually the most efficient way to run the business.  There is an aversion to seeing waste of any sort around the farm and production facility, and this prompted the company to adopt sustainability measures before sustainability was such a buzz word. 


In addition to employing sound agricultural practice, we have built an eco-friendly food production facility that includes a 300kW wind turbine to power operations, heat exchangers, inverters, skylights, energy efficient lighting, occupancy sensors, rainwater harvesting collection and plumbing systems throughout the facility.  We recycle packaging materials, seek ways to reduce raw material packaging and have instituted a zero food waste policy.  


While we participate in numerous community social sustainability activities, we are passionate about food waste prevention.  We have contributed to the Crosscare community foodbank since 2005, and have collaborated with foodcloud, VOICE, and Feed the 5000 Dublin on other waste prevention awareness projects.


Managing our resources for the best possible result for the environment and the consumer is a challenge that we enjoy, and we encourage others to join us going green! 


View our Bord Bia Sustainability Award video here.


100% renewable energy used  Our General Manager Robert Devlin is always on the look out for ways to build sustainability into our operations.  MPC supports VOICE's Food Rescue which aims to bring food waste prevention tips to events nationwide.

Posted on Thursday, 5 November 2015  |  By Jeni-Meade