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Meade Gives Runners at Meath Spring Marathon at Bohermeen AC the Fuel of Choice - Spuds

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Congrats to all the runners who participated in the Bohermeen AC Spring Half Marathon and 10K - we hope you enjoyed our Clementines at the finish and were able to re-fuel with one of our Rooster baker potatoes later. Along with Bord Bia - Irish Food Board, the Irish Farmers' Association and our fellow potato merchants, we are converting runners away from processed pasta back to the all natural potato as the food of choice for runners!


As an unprocessed, natural food that is full of Vitmain C, Thiamin and fibre among other things, the potato is the ideal long-releasing carbohydrate for runners.  While pasta may have enjoyed some popularity in the past for a pre-run fuel, the movement towards unprocessed, all natural foods has put the potato back on top as the fuel of choice for runners.  This is a welcome trend for the potato industry who has witnessed a decline in sales over the past decade as potatoes have been outpaced by processed, convenience foods at the tills.  With consumers now more concerned about eating healthy, it is hoped the potato will win over a new generation of consumers and this dip in sales will be reversed.



Posted on Tuesday, 29 March 2016  |  By Jeni-Meade