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Amazing Potato Recipes Lead the Way Forward as the Spud Takes on Its Competitors!

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Fighting incorrect myths of being fattening, as well as the multitude of overly-processed readymeals, the potato needs to reclaim the pride of place on the Irish dinner plate.  MPC are working hard with our fellow potato producers and Bord Bia to increase potato consumption and remind Irish consumers why the potato is such a mainstay of the Irish diet.  


One weapon in our arsenal is the newly launched website which has an abundance of recipes all designed to show that potatoes are more than a bit on the side, they can be integrated into the main dish of your meal.  From Mexico to Russia and all around the globe, there are a wealth of great recipes new and old that make use of the nutritious and delicious potato.  Add to that all the new recipes we have developed that incorporate the latest health trends and the question is when and not if you should grab that bag of spuds and get cooking!


Enjoy the recipes on these pages, and make sure you also look up to get even more great ways to make potatoes more than a bit on the side!

Posted on Thursday, 25 February 2016  |  By Jeni-Meade