An Irish Family Business Since 1982

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Team of Growers

“Our growers are the backbone of Irish agriculture.  They are constantly improving their methods, their expertise and finding ways of offering consumers produce that is sustainable, nutritious and delicious.”

-- Philip Meade Jr., Commercial Manager, Meade Potato Company


As the company has grown and diversified from potatoes into other product lines, we have come to rely on a core group of growers who are as committed as ourselves to bringing Irish consumers produce that is flavourful and fresh.  Whether they are in Skryne or South Africa, their dedication and expertise make them trusted members of our team.  Our Farm Manager and buyers keep in regular contact with them either through field visits or phone calls to get updates on the crops and give feedback to our clients on the state of the incoming harvests.    

Roy and Mark visit our carrot grower Paddy right before harvest time Owen Kirwan chats to our Farm Manager Conor as his son Aidan stops sowing to talk to Robert, our General Manager.


Patrick and James visit our apricot grower in Spain. One of our Pink Lady apple growers proudly displaying the latest crop.


Philip Jr. meets with our early potato growers off the coast of Wexford Roy and Colm are happy with the cauliflower harvest


“Our potatoes and those of our growers have a real potato flavour.  You could eat them without any toppings, and they would still taste delicious.  I think this is down to the rich soil here in the Boyne Valley.”

--Conor O’Malley, Farm Manager, Meade Potato Company