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Our food production facility might be state of the art, with the latest technology packing machines and cutting edge systems in place, but we do our best to ensure that our produce spends as little time there as possible.  Our goal is to make sure that our produce gets from the field to your fork as quickly as possible, so we manage its journey very efficiently.  The care our produce receives after it is harvested is every bit as important as the care the crop receives in the field.  With the fridge turned to just the right temperature we can ensure that our Granny Smith apple on its way out to your local store has just right amount of zing, our grape gives a refreshingly big burst of flavour in your mouth and you can hear the crunch of the lettuce in your Chicken Caesar salad. 

 Our rooster potatoes come in 7.5kg, 5kg, 2.5kg, 2kg, 1.5kg and 1kg packs depending on your preference 

Helping us ensure that our produce is packed with all the freshness of the field is our Quality Assurance team.  They are vigilant in making sure that our produce is kept in optimum conditions at all times and is of premium quality.  Numerous chilled cold stores mean that any incoming produce that requires chilling is kept at the ideal 3° C.  Our state of the art cleaning, grading and weighing machines are continually serviced and upgraded to allow us to grade and weigh with pinpoint accuracy, maximum efficiency and the utmost care. 


Supporting the work of our Production and Quality Assurance teams are our updated production lines and IT system that make complete traceability assured for every product.  From scanners to temperature monitors, we have done our utmost to make our supply chain and our production lines give our produce the right environment and correct handling to arrive on the supermarket shelf as fresh as the day it was picked.

 Apples lined up and waiting to get packed Keeping a close eye on our carrots as they go through the production line  

We cater for all our consumers’ diverse needs when packing, bagging, and labelling.  Whether you want produce washed, unwashed, packed in nets or plastic, a 250kg basket or a 25kg bag, Meade Potato Company can deliver it to a retailer near you.

Our microwaveable baby potato pack is a big seller due to its convenience and the sweet, creamy taste of our baby potatoes