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Our passion for potatoes

As our name suggests, Meade Potato Company has a passion for potatoes.  Meades have been growing spuds here in the heart of the Meath Louth potato growing region over the past five decades, so we have generations of experience with this favourite of the Irish diet. 


Our Farm Manager Conor O’Malley, together with our trusted team of growers, appreciate that the care which is put into potatoes in the ground determines their quality and taste when they reach the consumer’s plate.  The pride that we take in bringing all our crops of flavourful, nutritious potatoes from field to fork is backed up by the hard work we put into them from planting to packing.  From using only the highest quality, certified seed potatoes when sowing through to the care with which we harvest and pack our potatoes, we do our utmost to ensure that you find our potatoes give you the nutrition you need to fuel your busy lifestyle.


The potato’s role in Irish history and its well-earned place at the Irish dinner table make all Irish consumers connoisseurs of the potato.  At Meade Potato Company we have delicious potatoes to cater to every taste – from the waxy to the floury, from bakers to baby potatoes, we have a spud to suit you!! 

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Harvesting at the home farmThe Rooster is one of the most versatile potatoes on the market






From planning the crops to packing the potatoes, our Potato Team are there every step of the way to ensure that our spuds meet our customer’s specifications, from the table potato to our peeled potato range.   Jonathon, Paul and Philip Jr. of our Potato Division consider themselves privileged to be situated here in the heartland of the potato growing region.  Working closely with our Farm Manager Conor O’Malley to plan and monitor the season’s Irish potato crops, Paul works closely with our growers abroad to ensure that our sweet potatoes are as high a quality as can be grown, and earn their reputation as a superfood.   Jonathan believes in the power of the spud to help fuel a healthy, balanced diet and enjoys working with our team of Irish growers to bring the best spuds to market.  Commercial Director Philip Jr. shares his father’s passion for potatoes and has been devoted to finding new markets for our Irish potatoes.