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Vegetables & Salads

Reaching the shelf in all their glory

When consumers experience the zingy yet sweet taste of a so-fresh it-could-pop red pepper or hear the delicious crunch of a bright orange carrot, it represents the end of a well-managed journey that begins when our Farm Manager sits down to plan the season’s crops. When his work and that of our fellow growers is done, our supply chain expertise then guarantees that produce reaches the shelf in all its glory – fresh, tasty, ripe, and beautiful.

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We grow or source all varieties of vegetables and salads but listed below are some of our most popular lines:


Baby Gem Lettuce Beetroot Button Mushrooms Broccoli Cabbage
Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cherry Tomatoes Corn on the Cob
Cucumbers Garlic Iceberg Lettuce Parsnips Peppers
Red Onions Round Lettuce Spinach Spring Onion Turnips
Vine Tomatoes Yellow Onions      

 The team inspects the broccoli just prior to harvestingGeorge looks over some Irish tomatoes as they are delivered from our grower.Roy and Colm at the cauliflower harvest.


   Vegetable and Salad Team



Roy, Mark, and Patrick (left to right) are behind the scenes working with Conor and our team of growers to ensure that we have the best quality produce available and in the quantities we need to meet our obligations to customers.  As Commercial Director of the Vegetables, Salads and Organics Division, Patrick Meade is proud of the great quality of our Irish vegetables and enjoys bringing them to as many consumers as possible nationwide. Roy White works with Conor and our team of growers to nurture all our Irish crops, and can often be found out in the fields with his team checking on produce.  Mark Rooney specialises in sourcing our Salad range and says the flavour of Irish in-season tomatoes cannot be equalled