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1st Early Potato: Premiere


1st Early Potato: Premiere

These ‘first’ early potatoes kick off the New Season potatoes for us every year.  The Home Guard variety fall in the waxy category, but they are not overly so.  It is a creamy coloured potato with loose, thin skin and a creamy flesh.  These early potatoes are grown by our growing team members who reside on the coast where temperatures are slightly higher.  They usually hit the shelves around May, and are gone by July.

Suitable for :

Boiling Roasting
Chipping Steaming


Season :
Harvested from May to June.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

Tips:  New Season potatoes such as Premier and Home Guard are so deliciously fresh that the best way to prepare them is by steaming (they cook quickly with their thin skins) and simply adding a knob of butter and some sea salt.