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Gone are the days when they were just used for the occasional guacamole dip, the recent rise of health-educated consumers means nutrient-dense avocados have become a valued mainstay of the weekly shop – used in smoothies, as a butter replacement and a super salad ingredient. Consumers now appreciate this versatile fruit, containing over 20 vitamins and minerals, as a great substitute for bad fats and a brilliant nutrient booster (helping the body digest other nutrients).  

ORIGIN: Our avocados are available all year long thanks to our growers in Peru, Kenya and Spain.


NUTRITION:   Avocados are packed full of 20 vitmains and minerals which is why they are considered nutrient dense.  Althought they are the only fruit that contains fat, it is a good mono-unsaturated fat that helps you absorb more vitamins and minerals from other foods, and fills you up.  Consider it the fruit world's answer to butter.  A 100g serving contains 10% of your potassium GDA and 18% of your fibre intake, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels.


TIPS: Don't try to eat an unripe avocado - the tannin levels will be high making it taste a bit bitter and unappetising.  Test an avocado's ripness by pressing its skin.  If it is hard it is unripe, if it gives slightly it is ripe, if it is really soft, it is probably overripe (losing flavour as well).  You can ripen an avocado by placing it in a paper bag at room temperature, adding a banana or apple to the bag if you want to speed up the process.