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Baby Gem Lettuce


Baby Gem Lettuce

Baby or Little gem lettuce is the popular newcomer on the lettuce scene.  Resembling a small Romaine lettuce, baby gem is sweet, and hardy.  Foodies love it for its ability to hold dressings and flavour within its nooks and crannies.  Its shelf life can defy the odds for a member of the lettuce family, but we still recommend using it as fresh as possible to get the full impact of its sweet, crunchy flavour.



ORIGIN:  Our Baby Gem is grown by specialty growers in Ireland from mid March to October, and when our season ends, we source from our team of growers in Spain and Holland.


NUTRITION:  With all green vegetables, the darker the colour, the more nutrtiion there is inside.  Baby Gem lettuce has minimal amounts of all the main vitamins and minerals, and is extremely low in calories (about 1 per 100g serving!).


TIP:  Baby Gem lettuce is extremely handy to use as a scoop in appetiser dishes.  If you make a Chinese chili chicken mince or a delicious hummus, and you want a good way of spooning it up, arrange a selection of Baby Gem lettuce leaves on the plate - and watch them disappear!