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Beetroot with its deep purple/red colour is enjoying a renaissance these days as a favoured ingredient of deluxe salads: beetroot cured salmon, beetroot and feta salad, beetroot hummus to name but a few dishes...  With its sweet but earthy flavour, it appeals to many tastes - and who can resist it's delightful colour?


ORIGIN:  Beetroot, as you might have guessed, is a root vegetable, whcih means it can be grown in Ireland.  We try to source from Ireland where possible, but we also turn to France and the Uk during the off season.


NUTRITION:  Beetroot is meant to be especially helpful in detoxifying the liver, while its high fibre levels are useful for a healthy digestive system.  As an overall anti-oxidant, beetroot is reported to have a positive effect on the body's health through its power to repair cell damage.


TIP:  Lemon juice is very helpful in removing beetroot stains from your hands.