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A member of the cabbage family, broccoli has always been highly valued by Italians, ever since the Roman Empire.  They gave it its name, which is derived from the word for 'sprout'.  In addition to being an superb accompaniment to meat when served steamed or boiled, broccoli also finds its way into a myriad of dishes in our modern cuisine: soups, quiches, omelettes, cold salads, crudites, casseroles, the list goes on...  And for those of you who like your broccoli sweeter and tarter, we also carry tenderstem broccoli.




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ORIGIN:  Our main broccoli growers reside in sunny Wexford, where we can get the earliest crops available in Ireland, and later in our season we travel just down the road from us in County Meath.  In the off season, when the Irish broccoli crops are finished, we turn to a team of growers in Spain.


NUTRITION:  Broccoli is the clear winner in the Vitamin C league table, with 100g providing 107% of the GDA.  This extravagant amount of Vitamin C makes it a superfood which has been linked in various research studies with cancer preventing properties.


TIP:  Boiling broccoli has been proven to reduce the nutrition of broccoli in relation to its cell repair properties.  Steaming broccoli or eating it raw are your best options.