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Brussel Sprouts


Brussel Sprouts

We see about 7 million brussel sprouts pass thorugh our packhouse every year.  During the holiday season, our fridge number 4 always has the distinct aroma of brussel sprouts - fresh, robust with undertones of a nut taste.  Brussel sprouts are beautiful little mini-cabbages, filled with great nurtition and are a specialty of Irish growers, so they are a firm favourite with us!



ORIGIN:  Irish growers know how to do root vegetables, and so our brussel sprouts are always Irish, usually grown right here in Meath.


NUTRITION:   Raw brussels sprouts contain amazing levels of Vitamin C (102%GDA) and K (169% GDA), which helps the body with blood clotting.  There are also other essential vitamins in lesser amounts such as the B vitamins and folic acid.


TIP:  As with many other vegetables, the best way to extract the maximum nutritional value from the brussel sprouts is by steaming or stir frying them, not boiling.  And if you are trying to win over children to the taste of brussel sprouts, try adding some butter and bacon to them!