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Carrots helped the British pull off one of the greatest propaganda feats of all time.  In World War 2, when the British has just discovered a new radar/sighting system that enabled them to more accurately fire their bombs in Germany territory, they were anxious that the Germans did not discover this new technology.  To throw them off the scent, they exaggerated the carrot's ability to improve eyesight by starting a PR campaign crediting carrots with giving servicemen their brilliant eyesight, and encouraging everyone to eat carrots.  In this way, carrots helped the Allies win the war - you can't say that about many vegetables!


 Click here for an Easy carrot recipe.

ORIGIN:  We grow some of our carrots ourselves, and the rest we get from our team of growers here in Ireland where possible, and in the UK, Spain and France during the Irish off season.


NUTRITION:  Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which metabolises into Vitamin A, essential for healthy skin, eyes and immune systems.


TIP:  Carrots are a vegetable whose nutrional value can actually be improved by cooking.  The beta-carotene in carrots is absorbed better by the body if it pulped or cooked.  But as with all vegetables, overcooking, especially when boiling, drains away their nutrients.