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Cauliflower, with its mild, almost sweet taste can win over people easier than any other vegetable.  Even your most hardened vegetable hater will relent when presented with a deliciously mild and smooth cauliflower soup.  And a crudite dish with cauliflower will convert people who never eat vegetables raw.  And don't forget the piece de resistance of mothers everywhere - a cheesy caulflower bake. 


ORIGIN:  While we mainly source from our growers down the road in Dublin, we occasionally source from the UK and Holland when the season dictates.


NUTRITION:  Vitamin C would be the main nutritional contribution of cauliflower, but healthy amounts of the B complex vitamins make this a nutritionally worthwhile cauliflower to regularly include in your diet.


TIP:  Look for a tight, hard, dense cauliflower, and the whiter it is at the bottom of the stem, the more recently it was harvested.  And don't forget that the leaves of the cauliflower are as edible and nutritious as the florets - try putting them into a veg soup to do your bit for food waste!