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Without the trusty Clementine, many a school lunchbox would be devoid of fruit.  These sweet, soft but juicy favourites of children everywhere are probably responsible for delivering the majority of Vitamin C to most children's diets.  Because Clementines have always been one of our most popular lines, we know exactly how to test for maximum juiciness, sweetness and ripeness so that you can rest assured, only the peel will be left behind.


ORIGIN:  Our Clementines come from Spain and Morocco for most of the year, except from July through November, when we switch to South Africa, Peru and Argentina to ensure they are of the highest quality.


NUTRITION:  Clementines are a great source of Vitamin C, containing approximately 60% of the Guideline Daily Amount.


TIP:  Always choose Clementines that are a uniform orange colour, are shiny and are halfway between being both firm and soft.  too soft and they are overripe and too firm and they are often more bitter and harder to peel.  To eat within 2-3 days, leave at room temperature.  To consume after 2-3 days, store them in your refrigerator.