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Any salad item that can be the sole ingredient of a sandwich, is pretty special.  Enter the cucmber, star of the afternoon tea sanwich, and the show stopper of a garden salad.  With its crisp outer skin and smooth inner flesh, cucumbers have a lovely, mild, almost melon-like taste that defines all that is great about a salad.


ORIGIN:  Cucumbers are another great Irish crop, and only in the winter months do we need to turn to spain to top up our supplies of this salad staple.


NUTRITION:  With significant amounts of dietary fibre which is essential for helping your body absorb nutrients, cucumbers are also packed with Vitamin K (100g has 10% of the GDA) which we need to help our blood clot.


TIP:  Keep your cucumbers away from melons, tomatoes and bananas when storing them, as they will all cause them to ripen faster.  And you might prefer to store them out of the fridge if you want them to stay fresh without getting damp and waterlogged.