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Like onions, garlic is the universal ingredient of all cuisines.  From Chinese stirfries, to Mexican salsa to Italian pasta dishes, garlic is there to add its own distinctly sweet, fiery, pungent flavour.  It can provoke extreme reactions at times; there are some people who worship it and take garlic pills for health reasons, while others refuse to go near someone who smells of garlic.  Whatever your stance, there is no doubting that garlic is here to stay as the go to ingredient for enhancing flavour.


ORIGIN:  We source our garlic from China who are responsible for over 80% of the world's garlic production.  Stored at low temperatures on boat journey over, we make sure all our garlic retains every bit of its renowned flavour before it makes its way to the consumers' trolley.


NUTRITION:  Because of the small amounts of garlic consumed, their nutritional contributions of most vitamins and minerals are not significant.  However, there are devout believers who think garlic can lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, cure the sommon cold and even help prevent certain types of cancer.  There is little hard evidence to support most of this, but the link between lowering of cholesterol and garlic does appear to be slightly more credible.


TIP:  Garlic displays anti-microbial properties at higher temperatures which is why it is often used in hotter countries to help preserve meat and fish.