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Whether they are white, red, black, blue, green, purple or golden, grapes are a favourite the world over.  They are the perfect snack, and containig 80% water, they can fill you up and satiate your thirst!


ORIGIN:  Our grapes come from South Africa, Spain, Chile, India and Egypt, depending on the type and the time of year.  We offer seeded grapes, seedless white, seedless red and black, depending on your preference.


NUTRITION:  It's pretty hard to beat a grape as the perfect snack food containing as it does high fibre content, vitamins K and C.  Nitric acid found in grapes is believed to help prevent blood clots.


TIP:  For those of you trying to wean yourselves off sweet and wine gums, try substituting a grape: freeze the grapes until they are hard, then enjoy just like a jelly tot treat!