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According to some kale fanatics, eating kale is like taking medicine - it's THAT good for you.  It is the SUPERFOOD of superfoods.  Somewhat like spinach or cabbage in taste and texture, it was used by people in the Roman Empire as a staple part of their diet.  Kale chips are in hot demand by some superfood groupies and can sell for as much as $10 a bag!  (Don't bother buying them - it is easy to make them.  Just cut light ends off into little pieces, spread on a baking sheet, sprinkle with some seasoning and bake until crispy.)

ORIGIN:  Our kale is Irish - it is in the cabbage family and therefore, thankfully, can be grown in Ireland.

 NUTRITION:  The list of minerals and nutrients in kale is quite endless.  100g has only 33 calories but 134% of your daily Vitamin C, 200% of the GDA Vitamin A and a whopping 700% of your Vitamin K.  It also has fibre, protein, manganese, and much more!  It has been suggested that it helps lower blood pressure and detoxifies the body, being one of the strongest anti-oxidants available.

 TIP:  Kale gets sharper in flavour the longer it is stored, so try eat it soon after purchase, and within 5 days usually.  Look for crisp leaves, no holes, brown colouring or wilted leaves.  Store in a sealed bag in the refrigerator, and only wash when you are ready to eat it.