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Main Crop Potato: Kerrs Pinks


Main Crop Potato: Kerrs Pinks

This is another Irish favourite for those who prefer floury potatoes.  Known for its white skin with a pink tinge, and cream flesh, this potato is suitable for boiling, steaming, baking, roasting and chipping.  It’s slightly more floury than the Rooster, so it needs a bit longer to cook.  But it’s worth the wait!

Suitable for :

Boiling Baking Chipping
Steaming Roasting  

Season :
Harvested August through October, but available all year round.

Storage:  Always store your potatoes away from diect sunlight, as light causes them to go green.

Tips:   To get the maximum nutrition from your potatoes it is best to steam or bake them with the skins on. Many nutrients in the potato can be found directly underneath the skin.