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While you may never tuck into a whole lemon, they are an indispensable ingredient for many drinks and dishes from lemonade to pancakes to Lemon Chicken.  And they are lately the must-have accessory for your water!  


ORIGIN:  Our lemons are from Spain and South Africa, depending on the season.  Our team of growers in South Africa can be depended upon to make sure we get them in the summer months when nothing quenches the thirst like a lemonade, and our Spanish growers know that we need them in the winter to add to our hot drinks to fend off the flu.


NUTRITION:  Lemons are an anti-oxidant and a great source of vitamin C, and also contain a significant amount of potassium and B6.  The vitamin C helps boost your immunity and improves your skin health and the B6 helps you convert food to energy better.  


TIP:  Squeezing lemons into your water and adding the pulp in as well is a brilliant way to introduce a daily dose of anti-oxidants and to increase your fibre intake.