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Mushrooms are probably the only fungi that are so palatable and popular.  No other fungus can absorb the flavour of garlic and butter so well when served as a starter (garlic mushrooms) and what stirfry is complete without our favourite fungus, the mushroom?  It's ubiquitious presence as a key ingredient of many delicious dishes means that mushrooms are here to stay!  We can offer consumers premium quality flat, chesnut, button and cup mushrooms.



ORIGIN:  Lucky for us, our mushrooms are all grown just down the road in County Monaghan, the mushroom capital of Ireland.


NUTRITION:  100g of mushrooms contain 42% of the GDA of riboflavin or B2, as well as 25% of B3 and 30% of B2 vitamins.  The B complex vitamins promote a healthy metabolism and have been linked to a reduced risk of stroke.


TIP:  Avoid washing mushrooms, as this can diminish their flavour.  Instead take off any dirt with a kitchen towel, or better yet use a mushroom brush if you are lucky enough to own one!