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If you prefer a silky smooth finish on your peach, then a nectarine is for you!  In either white or yellow flesh varieties, nectarines have essentially the same make-up as peaches, but a different gene means they come out with a smooth rather than a fuzzy skin finish.  The varieties we use tend to be slightly smaller than peaches, and slightly sweeter depending on the season.


ORIGIN:   Nectarines require a varied climate, dry and chilled during the cultivar season and warm during the final growth phase.  Our growers in Spain and South Africa have trees planted at just the right altitude and location to keep them happy.


NUTRITION:   Nectarines are a great source of dietary fibre which is excellent at filling you up and helping the digestive process.  They also have beta-carotene which is converted to vitmain A in the body and aids in maintaining healthy skin, teeth, bones and tissues.


TIP:  Try to eat only ripe necatrines as the unripe ones lack sweetness.