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Mummies in Egypt were buried with onions, athletes in ancient Greece ate and rubbed themselves with them to enhance their athletic prowess.  Rents were sometimes paid in onions in medieval days, and they were brought over by the American colonist to Native Americans who already used them.  Onions have truly conquered the world.  They come in many varieties, red, yellow, white, Vidalia, Spanish, etc. and have proven their usefulness as a versatile flavour in cuisines from all four corners of the globe.



ORIGIN:  We supply a large quantity of Spanish onions which we get from both Ireland and Spain, and we look to the Dutch and the Spanish for other varieties.


NUTRITION:  Onions are a source of dietarty fibre, and they also contain minimal amounts of other vitamins and nutrients.  


TIP:  Onions draw moisture from vegetables when they are stored with them, which may cause the vegetables to start to decay.