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Oranges are the go to fruit for refreshment.  Football matches come to life again after a halftime filled with oranges, and drinking freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the most intelligent way you can start your day.


ORIGIN:  We have forged strong relationships with our orange growers in South Africa and Spain since we began supplying fruit to Irish consumers.  With this staple of the Irish lunchbox always in demand, we know we can rely upon them to harvest only the best quality.


NUTRITION:  Oranges are known mainly for their huge amounts of immune boosting Vitamin C, with the average orange containing 92% of the GDA.  The health benefits associated with consumption of Vitamin C are many, and some studies suggest it is helpful in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.


TIP:  Oranges don't have to be a bright orange colour to taste sweet, and the heavier and smaller the orange is, the juicier it will be.