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Organic Tomatoes


Organic Tomatoes

Some people claim organic tomatoes have higher levels of Vitamin C and other nutrients because they are hardier varieties than their non-organic counterparts.  Whatever the case, our organic tomatoes taste absolutley delicious.  They do tend to be slightly smaller but they pack a lot of punch!

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ORIGINS: Our organic tomatoes are grown by a team of certified organic growers spread over Holland and Spain.


NUTRITION:  Tomatoes have a carotene called lycopene which is a proven anti-oxidant (a substance in the body that helps repair damaged cells), and has been linked in some studies with cancer preventing properties.  They also contain a fair amount of Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system.


TIP:  Refrigerating tomatoes can weaken their flavour, so only refrigerate once thay have ripened.  This will make them last longer, and if you let them sit at room temperature before you eat them, the flavour should be just right!