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Parsnips are the oft ognored cousin of the carrot.  Rather than the bright orange zing of the carrot, the parsnip has a more subtle white flesh, and a milder taste that is almost sweet and slightly nutty.  If you roast them in the oven, with a drizzle of oil, some rosemary and garlic sprinkled on top, they are a revelation.  Their smoothness becomes buttery and they melt in your mouth.  Go on, give it a try...


ORIGIN:  We love our Irish parsnips because we can get them from the field to the fork so quick that they retain every last little bit of their flavour.  However, in the height of summer, Irish parsnips disappear, so we turn to our growers in Spain who make sure they get them to us in the fastest time possible to ensure maximum freshness.


NUTRITION:  With healthy amounts of the Vitamin B complex, parsnips are also rich in Vitamin C and K.  The potassium content in a 100g serving gives you 8% of your GDA, essential for regulating sodium in your body.


TIP:  Contrary to myth, smaller parsmips are not sweeter.  What actually makes this root vegetable sweeter is when they are harvested as the weather begins to turn chilly.