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There's a reason why peaches are used as the fruit to compliment someone, "She's a peach."  Calling someone a 'peach' means that they are sweet, uncomplicated and refreshing to be around.  While we appreciate all our fruits, there's nothing as joyful as eating an in-season, sweet, juicy peach in the middle of a hot day.  


ORIGIN: Our neighbours in Spain provide us with our peaches all summer long, but during the winter months in Spain, we turn to South Africa and Chile.


NUTRITION:  Peaches are a source of vitamin A and betacarotene which are important for eye and skin health.  They also contain 11% of the GDA of potassium, which is the essential ingredient for regulating fluids within the body. 


TIP:  If one peach variety is redder than another, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be any sweeter.