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With so many variations in size, shape and flavours, there must be a pepper to suit everyone.  Our most popular line are our capsicum peppers, a variety called California Wonders, which are the most common variety, and come in red, yellow, orange and green.  While they are not the make-your-mouth-tingle type, they are full of a zingy flavour that makes a salad come to life and a stirfry sizzle.



ORIGIN:  Our peppers come from Spain and Holland, where they enjoy the moist soil conditions and sunshine!  


NUTRITION:  100g of pepper contain 97% of the GDA of Vitamin C, which is neck in neck with an orange at the top of the Vitamin C league table.  Peppers have a healthy dose of Vitamin B6 (17% GDA) as well which makes the body neurotransmitters and thus affects brain health, hormones and mood.


TIP:  Green peppers are slightly more bitter than yellow or orange peppers, and red peppers are the sweetest.

If you have peppers and don't intend to use them for a while then you might consider freezing them to use later (10-12 months even!).  Just slice them, spread on a tray and freeze.  Once completely frozen, remove from the tray, put in an airtight bag and re-freeze.