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Pink Lady Apple


Pink Lady Apple

Pink Lady apples are the movie stars of the apple world.  They get all the attention, adorned as they are with their pink labels and possessing their very own PR machine.  With good reason, they have earned the limelight.  They are a tantalising combination of sweet and tart with a flesh that strikes just the right balance between soft and crunchy.  Developed by Australian John Cripps, from a natural cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady William apple, they are grown exclusively in wine growing regions of the world.


ORIGIN:   We are lucky to have a group of growers spread across France, Spain, Portugal and Chile who can provide us with the most flavourful Pink Lady apples across the whole year.


NUTRITION:  With just 47 calories per 100g, the Pink Lady apple is a guilt free sweet treat for snackers.  It is a great source of fibre, and like all apples, has been proven to aid cardiovascular health.


TIP:  Make a tasty applewich by removing just the core of a Pink Lady, cutting the apple into 1cm thick rings, spreading peanut butter and then granola on a slice and topping with another slice of apple.  Yum!