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Plum is defined as both "something that many people want or think is very good" and also "a round, juicy fruit that has red or purple skin, sweet yellow flesh".  Plums are so tasty that their mere name conjures up images of anything that people want.  We can see why; a beautiful, ripe plum can hit the spot like no other fruit with its crunchy flesh and ultra intense juiciness.


ORIGIN:  We have to look no further than Spain to get our perfect plums during the northern hempisphere growing season, and in the winter months, we ship them from our growers in South Africa and Chile.


NUTRITION:  If you are on a low carbohydrate diet, a plum contains just 7.5g of this nutrient, so you are better off with a plum than a medium banana, which contains 15g.


TIP:  To quicken the ripening process of plums you have bought in the shop, simply place them in a paper bag at room temperature.  When the skin easily yields to pressure when pressed by your finger, it is ready and ripe to eat.