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Rocha Pear


Rocha Pear

Pears are often the underrated sibling of the apple, but they deserve better.  Our Rocha pears are sweet and juicy, and can be eaten at any stage of ripening without compromising the flavour.  Depending on your preference, they can be eaten straight out the pack, nice and hard, or let ripen for a few days until they are tender at first bite.


ORIGIN:  Our pears come from Portugal, where the sunshine ensures that they develop nice and sweet with a robust flesh that ripens well.  Pear trees are notoriously slow to grow hence the saying, "Grow pears for your heirs." But our pear growers can get their pear trees growing within a few years, such is their expertise!


NUTRITION:  Pears are a great source of fibre, containing about 22% of the GDA.  They have also been linked in recent studies to helping lower the risk of type 2 diabetes due to their high flavanoid content.


TIP:  The skin of the pear contains many of its nutrients, so try to eat skins and all!