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Main Crop Potatoes: Roosters


Main Crop Potatoes: Roosters

For lovers of floury potatoes, this is the perfect all-rounder.  It is the most widely grown maincrop potato in Ireland and for good reason – it is versatile, hardy and easily cooked.  Noted for its pink skin and yellow flesh, the Rooster is equally suited to boiling, steaming, baking, roasting and chipping - as we have proven with our Meade Irish Rooster Chips. This flavourful potato has a bit of a sweet, nutty taste and a beautiful buttery texture. 

Suitable for:

Boiling Steaming Baking
Roasting Chipping  

Season :
Harvested late August through October, but available all year round in shops nationwide.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Roosters are such a flavourful potato they make great chips with a real potato taste.  Make your own or try our Meade Irish Rooster Chips to discover for yourself!