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Strawberries are the belle of the ball in the fruit world, and deservedly so.  They are a mouthful of flavourful, succulent sweetness, just as tasty on their own as they are topped with cream or joined by meringue.  Strawberries are unrivalled in their diversity - a breakfast treat on porridge, a dessert tart topper, a healthy snack with yogurt and the best for jam on a scone.



ORIGIN:  We love our Irish strawberries, and get them locally from March through November.  But in the coldest of the winter months, we turn to our neighbours in Spain, and even farther afield in Egypt to keep our strawberry stocks going.


NUTRITION:  100g contain 98% of the GDA of Vitamin C so starting your day with strawberries is a great way to arm your immune system.  Strawberries are also high in manganese which is essential in foming tissues and bones, and also helps with your metabolism.


TIP:  It's actually true that adding a dash of black pepper to your strawberries brings out their flavour even more.  We don't know why, but it works...