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Turnips, a root vegetable in the cabbage family, used to be the core ingredient in the diet of the peasantry before potatoes arrived on the scene to steal the show.  However, turnips still command loyalty among consumers, especially in the winter time.  Nothing can beat turnips served with a roast and potatoes, and the flavour it brings to a stew cannot be underestimated.


ORIGINS:  Our turnips are Irish, grown in Wexford in the early part of the season and then later here at Meades and other locations in Meath and Louth.  Because turnips are such a robust root vegetable, like potatoes, we are able to store them so we can use Irish turnips all year round.  


NUTRITION:  Turnips are a good source of Vitamin C and are very low in calories (22 per 100g).


TIP:  When choosing turnips, the smaller ones are often sweeter.