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Yellow Melon


Yellow Melon

We stock a variety of melons but the yellow Honeydew is our most popular.  Equally delicious as a starter wrapped in proscuitto, the main ingredient of a fruit salad or a dessert served with some vanilla ice cream, melon brings a simple, refreshing, not overly sweet taste to the palate that balances nicely with other more intense fruit flavours.  


ORIGIN:  We source ours from Brazil, Egypt and Spain, where the warm temperatures keep our melons happy and growing well.


NUTRITION:  Melons have antioxidant properties and contain the Guideline Daily Amount of Vitamin A and C.  


TIP:  To pick a good melon, first check there are no soft areas which indicate over-ripeness or bruising.  Then hold the melon to your ear and knock on it - if you hear a hollow sound, it is likely to be ripe and ready to eat.