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Piccolo Tomatoes


Piccolo Tomatoes

Piccolo Tomatoes are the small, sweeter cousin of the garden variety tomato.  Like all tomatoes, they were first cultivated in Central and South America, and a yellow-coloured relation of the cherry tomato was a staple of the Aztec diet.  Europeans, initially led by Meditteranean cultures, took a while to cultivate the tomato, but by the 1500s, the Italians had started to stake a claim for being the true champions of the tomato. Synonymous with salads, especially in the summer time, Piccolo Tomatoes are so tasty that they can simply be halved, sprinkled with sea salt, pepper and olive oil, topped with a small basil leaf and served on their own.  



ORIGINS:  We source our Piccolo Tomatoes from Ireland when they are in season from April to October, but we also have a team of growers in Italy and the UK who we rely on to send us these delicious bursts of sunshine.


NUTRITION:  Tomatoes have a carotene called lycopene which is a proven anti-oxidant (a substance in the body that helps repair damaged cells), and has been linked in some studies with helping protect the skin from harmful UV rays.  They also contain a fair amount of Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system.


TIP:  Tomatoes can be ripened in a paper bag.  If you want to prolong their shelf life, store them stem down.