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Round Lettuce


Round Lettuce

While salads now come in many exciting, unusual and downright crazy varieties and flavours, the true blue traditional mixed, tossed salad will always hold a special place in the hearts of consumers.  What can beat a plateful of round lettuce topped with some spring onions, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot and seasoned with a delightful honey mustard vinaigrette?



ORIGIN:  We are lucky enough to have Irish specialty lettuce growers down the road from us who keep lettuce coming all year round in their glass houses; we make sure we bring it to the packhouse and send it on its way to our retailers as quickly as possible so you can get the most crunch as possible.


NUTRITION:  Given that the main ingredient in lettuce is actually water, there is not record-breaking amounts of nutrition present in many varieties of lettuce.  However, it is virtually calorie free, a source of fibre, and there are minimal amounts of Vitamin A and K present.


TIP:  Avoid soaking lettuce in water as it wilts the leaves.  The best way to store lettuce is to wash and pat dry with paper towels, wrap the leaves with dry paper towels, place in a perforated bag, put in the crisper and use as quickly as possible!