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Spring Onions


Spring Onions

Spring Onions are actually onions that have not been allowed to fully develop, and have a much milder, almost sweet taste compared to their older counterparts. They can add a bit of a crunch and zing to a tuna salad, and are equally at home in a Chinese stir fry.  With their mild taste and appealing small crucnh, they are the ideal onion to win over people who don't like onions - try converting someone today!


ORIGIN:  We get our spring onions from a team of growers in Ireland who harvest right at peak sweetness and crunchiness from April through October.  After that we turn to growers our Egypt meet the same exacting standards. 


NUTRITION:  Spring onions contain useful amounts of Vitamin C, A, K, folates and manganese.


TIP:  If you are trying a recipe which calls for scallions or green onions, look no further than the spring onion - it's one and the same!