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Recycling Information


Our new Meade 2kg White Potato bag is intended for recycling in your brown bin.  The certified compostable logo of the seedling is located on the back of the bag to ensure all waste suppliers will accept this in your brown bin.  It is made with all natural materials - paper, water-based ink, corn starch bio-plastic - which means it will break down in an industrial composting environment.


If you do not have a brown bin, you can ask your waste collector to supply you with one.  They are obligated to do so for any towns/villages with a population of over 500.  Some waste collectors will provide them to you even if you do not live within a population of that size; it is always worth asking.  


Recycling & Waste Prevention


Make sure to store your potatoes and onions apart from eachother as onions can accelerate the sprouting of potatoes.